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  Project 1 Layer 1 (3:52)

Welcome to Project 1! This is the project where you establish an art routine that will work with your busy life. Each segment or layer of this project is broken up into 5-20 minutes. The idea is that you can do one segment of these projects each day or every other day. Before you know it, at the end of a week or a few days, you will have created a beautiful artwork.

Your materials for this project: (you can check the materials page on my website here)

1 ounce Golden Fluids (or comparable) in these colors:

Quinacridone Magenta

Hansa Yellow Medium

Phthalo Blue G/S

Titanium White

Polymer Medium Gloss

Commercial stencils in sunburst or similar pattern (see my Pinterest board here for ideas)

Lowe Cornell brushes or similar, 1 small round, 1 small square and 1 utility brush 1 inch

Palette or other mixing surface

Plastic palette knife

Old postcards or junk mail